Shocking footage of Sudan hospital attack

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets across Sudan again today, calling for the resignation of President Omar al-Bashir.


Activists said police fired tear gas and automatic weapons to break up the crowds.

And the unrest shows no sign of dying down, despite the brutal crackdown, including an attack inside a hospital this week as security officers chased protesters inside, opening fire.

Amnesty International has condemned it as an “outrageous violation of international law”.

From Sudan, Yousra Elbagir has exclusive pictures showing that attack – and be warned, some may find the images upsetting.


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34 thoughts on “Shocking footage of Sudan hospital attack

  1. why would armed combatant be taking over hospitals so th at they can treat law breakers? if the law breakers decide to hide in hospitals that is a violation of international law and the govt has every right to flash such armed combatants from govt facilities like hospitals

  2. Why does this host give the benefit of the doubt to a murderous regime, but treat brexiteers as the devil? This was disturbing, channel 4 is frightening these days

  3. Are they actually targeting patients and hospital staff?
    I think there is more to this story than channel 4 are letting on.

    I'm thinking along the lines of Hammas in Palestine using hospitals for cover/ firing points waiting for retaliatory attack then using as propaganda to demonise the opposition. It does not make any military tactical sense to attack a hospital full of helpless people. What would be gained by doing this?? Think about it

  4. What a stupid question, of course you're not allowed to attack hospitals! They're hospitals. Just like you can't attack the Red Cross in wartime.
    That's absolutely barbaric behaviour!

  5. this is the same thing that happened with saddam hussein.
    and later on they begged for help from the world, then got that help and had saddam hussein taken down.
    years later they now want him back and blame the west for everything?
    well this time i say if they ask for help…..say no

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