‘Islamic State’s’ most wanted: ISIS take over (Part 1) – BBC News Video News

A group of Syrian teenagers decided to resist when the so-called Islamic State group took control of their city. They became citizen journalists and used the internet to show the reality of life in Raqqa.

PART 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwGm0s2b3N4
PART 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5i5ZPWivA4
PART 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8KDldAoDMU
PART 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPn2scOP3HE
PART 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPIWHZ6eTyU

Producer/reporter: Chloe Hadjimatheou
Animator: Wael Toubaji http://waeltoubaji.wix.com/arts
Arabic language producer: Faisal Irshaid
Camera: Tony Jolliffe
Video editor: Amanda Gunn
Executive producer: Richard Knight

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39 thoughts on “‘Islamic State’s’ most wanted: ISIS take over (Part 1) – BBC News Video News

  1. All lie's from a corrupted European media outlet. Hypocrites run from the Black flags of Muhammad (SaW) and seek refuge with the filthy Mushirks that burn Muslim's alive with bombs. You are only going to die tired!! FSA is democratic scum who gets support from the West and Europe, and soon they to will be crushed if they don't repent.

  2. I really want the fucking aliens to come down and kill a lot of people( preferably China, India, and the Middle East, and Africa I guess) because God knows there are WAAAYYYY too many people. Finally humanity unites and we can build a mutha fucking space elevator!

  3. few little assholes celebrating the moment they destroyed their country. Happy now? fucking idiots. You hated assad so you decided to ruin it for everyone and now those pieces of shit in ISIS are in command. hahaha serves you right, idiots. useless fucks

  4. God is at work..you cant stop what TMH already got in place..ww3 is going to happen..they are going to drop a nuke on everybody the come to the united states..just wait watch and you will see..its sad but its going to happen..God is at work..he is pushing them to do everything..read revelations in the bible..the dragon revelation talks about is isis..

  5. if everyone would leave the arab world alone they would leave everyone alone if u keep opresing them Wat u think will happen let alone seeing ur house get bombed and growing up and kbowing the truth on who the real terrorist I'm American and I feel for these people may Allah free them and may the jews get Wat they deserve by opresing the Palestinians

  6. I know I'm it be sounding sick, but please put a link to an Isys video or YouTube channel. I'm trying to find out as much as I can about them, so I can try to figure out what's going on over there. We only see our side, but what about their side?

  7. The evil greeedy west..
    All they care about is using africa and the middle east and then leave them for dead. Most of the wars are created by them. They let people suffer and because of their greed and then leave the country to the terrorist

  8. ISIS is made Syrian regime,Iran, USA and Europe….
    ISIS Created to:
    1- stop the Syrian people revolution against Bashar Alaasad
    2- To arrest,punish and kill the protests of Bashar Alassad regime.
    2- To make the Islamic religion bad and make Europe people hate it and stop it from to be spreading in Europe.

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