Anger on Venezuela border as military accused of blocking aid

For years the collapse of what was South America’s richest country has been keenly felt by its neighbours who have seen millions flee the country.


Now the border between Venezuela and Colombia is the centre of a political and humanitarian stand-off as US aid is blocked by the socialist government of Venezuela, claiming it is a Trojan horse masking regime change.


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18 thoughts on “Anger on Venezuela border as military accused of blocking aid

  1. aah Aid, aid as in weapons to overthrow the government but of course western media aren’t going to report on what sort of aid is being stopped and make it seem like Venezuelan government is evil. What sort of government will risk accepting aid to come through its borders from a country that publicly announced they were against the government of Venezuela and said they will invade it if necessary and support a coup? It’s like Britain accepting aid from North Korea whilst a faction of North Korean supporters funded by North Korea want to overthrow the British government, no logic. They won’t report on the mass protest for a month now in France, why doesn’t France need a regime change?

  2. Excuse me? The US hasn't invaded anyone in Latin America for quite some time. As for the British, I don't really think they have any room to talk. I seem to remember a little to do with Argentina over the Falklands.

  3. The rich are rich by their own socialism and the poor middle-class have to survive through capitalism but as they promote socialism is never going to work in America, tell that to the rich because when they socialize all their money's and corporations and elitist rules and regulations they Lobby against the government, that is pure socialism and that's why America has such a financial divide through their own version of socialism and they make the middle class lower class and poor people live by capitalism and that's the real truth that they don't want you to believe! And another fun fact there are 5 lobbyist for every 1 politician in America! What does that tell you about how the Elite control politicians and the Federal Reserve runs the government and calls all the shots!

  4. Every police officer, every soldier, working for the govt, should be ashamed beyond imagination, for working AGAINST his fellow humans, for being a govt slave, for having sold his soul to a bunch of puppeteers.

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