Bristol’s first Repair Cafe is five years old – BBC News Video News

Bristol’s first Repair Cafe is five years old.

It is a place where people bring their broken things and volunteer fixers will try to mend them for free to stop it from going to landfill.

The founder, Kate Jerrold, has been campaigning all this time for Bristol Waste to take more action on promoting re-use or repair and her persistence has paid off.

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45 thoughts on “Bristol’s first Repair Cafe is five years old – BBC News Video News

  1. Even though there is recession all over world BBC still get their bias reporting in that ours is caused by brexit ! Should be closed down now ,no need for it and its bias reporting ,saving people over £150 a year 💩💩💩

  2. I fix old consoles and retro computers for fun. It's shocking how quickly the average person discards a piece of history, plus all the games and peripherals just because one little component died, or it got dirty sitting in the attic and they don't want to take the time deep cleaning it, or they don't have space for it any more.

    Most of the systems I repair come to me free of charge. I fix, test and sell them on to collectors and enthusiasts, although half the time I just give them away. So long as you're not gonna use it as a doorstop, you're welcome to it.

    If you have an old machine gathering dust and you don't want it any more, put it up for sale/free on Gumtree or Ebay. There's at least one retro geek like me in every city.

  3. But this is not really as important as the French yellow vests destroying France for the 13th week. You do have to question if BBC knows what world news is these days. What constitutes world news? They just seem to have a team of students on Google.
    It's really embarrassing tbh.

  4. Oh dear BBC, Tommy Robinson has real investigative reporters undercover on YOU and has footage that can prove you're fake news, corrupt and collude with the far left Hope Not Hate to tell lies. You must be sweating now you've been exposed with pure evidence that you create propaganda for the establishment. You even likened the working class to cannibals! A prime example of your arrogant elitist attitudes. The funny part is it makes Tommy more of a journalist than any of you biased liars. Enjoy him broadcasting it on a huge screen outside your offices soon and then all over Youtube.

  5. LCD TV's cost five times more to run than LED TV's, that's why they get thrown out because after two months a 32" LED TV has paid for itself in electricity savings. Trust the council to take a backward step and don't say you didn't, I saw somebody going off with an LCD TV.

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