Explained: what Brexit could we get? Norway? Canada? WTO?

The Norway model? Canada +++? Singapore? What on earth does it all mean?

Politicians have been bickering about Brexit for the past two years, but everything that has happened so far is just figuring out how we leave the EU – we still have to sort out what kind of relationship we have once we have actually left.

Confused about Norway +? The Switzerland model? Our explainer cuts through the jargon and has all the answers you need.

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00:49 – Norway Model
03:26 – Norway Plus
05:01 – Switzerland
06:41 – Canada
08:40 – Canada Plus
10:26 – Singapore
11:38 – WTO Rules


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33 thoughts on “Explained: what Brexit could we get? Norway? Canada? WTO?

  1. There will be no EU immigrants issue any more as the UK's economy is growing at 1.2% and Romania's at 5% ! No one will want to come to the UK any more as the british pound just keeps falling and losing its value !

  2. Norway has 5m citizens and pay 345m to the EU, the UK has 60m citizens, guess how much the UK has to pay in a Norway deal. For those who are bad in maths, it's 4billions and the UK has still to accept everything from the EU without a vote.

  3. Canadian citizen for no deal Brexit. Fight for your autonomy. Britain doesn't owe the EU, the EU doesn't own Britain. Control your boarders. Control your demographics. Control your economy. Don't listen to this propaganda, you know it's nothing but a bunch of lies and fear tactics, these same 'fabricators of the truth' said a Brexit had no chance during the referendum. A Brexit with wto terms or a Brexit with a favorable trade deal where the EU takes back the immigrants they burdened Britain with. Those are the options. The EU standpoint is 'global slavery' and they are disgraceful oppressors of freedom. It is not a time to play nice, it's time to fight for your nation. The EU options are pure capitulation. This 'Canadian deal/Canadian + deal' spoken of is rubbish. This brown fellow is reading scripted gibberish. This news is spurious and subversive.

  4. You have to choose between customs union and freedom of movement or a hard border, pretending there's a magic third option is a lie.
    Oh and again, the only country trading under WTO terms wants to set up trade with the EU. Pretending that makes sense and isn't just a negotiating tactic is just sad.

  5. Boy oh Boy oh Boy …. this will end terrible for GB. We already got 300.000 British Expats in Spain. If Angela Merkel can handle a million War Refugees in Germany we can handle in Spain a million Brexit Refugees. British Refugees Welcome!!!

  6. There is no way Britain can leave the EU without risking and starting another conflict in the north of Ireland. While Britain pretends that the north of Ireland is somehow a natural part of Britain it will never manage to unravel itself from the EU. In Ireland we know well the complete indifference and ignorance in British culture and politics towards all things Irish. Everyone in Europe recognise Ireland for what it is: a sovereign nation. The only people who cannot accept this reality are the British. Nobody else in Europe refers to Ireland as being owned by Britain. Only in Britain, its education system and its mass media, is Ireland still referred to, or implied that it is a part of Britain. Brexit is an agonising example of this mindset. If Brexit meant Britain was at last leaving its first colony, Ireland, it would be supported throughout the world, and there would be no problem with its so-called border problem in Ireland. We know all the fallacies about an artificial majority in an artificially created six-county state, but even within this extant British empire entity, that so-called majority is gone. The economy of the six-counties is gradually being absorbed in the rest of Ireland because it is a part of Ireland, not Britain. Only those who want to maintain British empire sectarianism in the north support Brexit in their delusions of stopping the inevitable, the re-unification of Ireland and the economic prosperity that will come from this. But I would make the point, it's not the loyal British empire sectarians that force Britain to remain in Ireland. Britain hold its colony there for much more important reasons. Britain does not want to see a totally free 32 county sovereign Ireland, developing to its full potential economically and politically in the world as a rival to British interests. So they will prop up the sectarian state and pretend it has something to do with democracy. It is a monumental falsehood put across at all times in their political forums and media. But the reality will and is being exposed for all to see now in the context of Brexit.

  7. The U.S. operates on WTO rules by establishing its own bilateral deals with each country that wants to trade. The problem with the U.K. is that EU won't let them setup bilateral deals while they are part of the EU. Only once they leave the EU can they begin to setup up bilateral deals. Also, because U.K. will no longer be part of the this large trading body (EU) the initial deals they will get probably won't be as amazing as the ones EU has negotiated. This means first couple of years are going to tough for the U.K., but after that it should be fine depending on how well the U.K. government nurtures their economy.

  8. It's the sensible model, control your borders, keep your money, negotiate your own trade deals, it's called the middle finger salute model, 🖕As for the hard Border in Ireland, who is going to build it it will not be us …..

  9. So, here are my ten steps out of this mess.

    Step 1: revoke Art 50 notice – (not the Act empowering the Govt to give notice) – it's a simple letter, but politically difficult
    Step 2: All politicians to explain why it has not been possible to achieve Brexit in the time anticipated – and apologise to the electorate for a colossal waste of time
    Step 3: Govt to focus on addressing urgent issues in the country (yes, there are a few that need looking at!)
    Step 4: MPs split off from existing parties into realigning on Leave vs Remain lines (that's the new divide)
    Step 5: Short order cross-party enquiry into the realistic options for Brexit – to be brought back to Parliament
    Step 6: Parliament – now substantially in control after several Labour and Tory MPs resign their whips – consider the options and vote again on mandating the Govt on a Deal that can command Parliamentary support
    Step 7: Govt accepts the mandate and seeks further negotiation with EU
    Step 8: Govt does not accept mandate and/or resigns or is voted out in No Confidence motion
    Step 9: New political configuration emerges – in the confused chaos of multiple parties in a First-Past-the-Post two-party biased system
    Step 10: It will never get here, but if it does, we will have a chance of keeping the UK together as a Union of four countries, with a national unity coalition that can decide to either renew the plan to Leave or revert to how things were ie remaining in the EU.

    PS – we would have few friends among the 27 but it is not as if we ave not made a lauging stock of ourselves already.

  10. Whether they leave with a plan or get a deal later, it will mean following EU laws with no vote in their parliament. That's worse than…getting to vote and help formulate legislation, but try explaining that to a Brexiter.

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