I want to be America’s first trans Governor – Christine Hallquist – What I’ve Learnt

Christine Hallquist made her name in Vermont while running a major electric company and being a successful businesswoman. But Donald Trump’s election and the Women’s March inspired her to run for office – running on a campaign promise of a living wage for workers and Medicare for All. She won her primary to become the Democratic nominee for Governor of Vermont – and could now become the first transgender person elected Governor in American history.

In the ‘What I’ve Learnt’ series, we speak to everyday people about the profound events that have shaped their lives – and what they’ve learnt from it. It’s a series that uncovers the extraordinary stories often hidden and untold in our society.

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28 thoughts on “I want to be America’s first trans Governor – Christine Hallquist – What I’ve Learnt

  1. I want, I want! IT wants to be a woman, fk sake sad as it is for him, He can't, So stop giving him a platform, its insulting to me as a man, I won't even try to understand the feelings of woman that may lose a job race to him??? Feeling sorry for him I can understand but enabling him to be any thing other than what he is A sad confused man in woman's clothing fk.sake he admitted being a lie all his life, how cruel for his family if it hadn't worked out all hunky Dorie for him! I wonder if they ever miss the lie where is he now? The wonderful lie that was dad!

  2. I am a Vermonter and i'm not voting for you.
    Its not because you're trans. Its because you feel entitled and if your policies became a reality it would drive even more real Vermonters out of the state.

  3. Mrs. Doubtfire is running for governor, only that ain't Robin Williams. I've never voted Republican before, but Phil Scott seems like decent fellow. A truly moderate Republican, who is preferable to the crazy man in drag

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