Italian farmers spill milk in protest at low prices – BBC News Video News

Farmers in Sardinia are pouring thousands of litres of sheep milk into the streets, rather than sell it for prices they consider too low to live off.

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49 thoughts on “Italian farmers spill milk in protest at low prices – BBC News Video News

  1. Most farmers OWN their own home and the damn cows. People like this like to be GREEDY and live beyond their means. If I were a farmer, I'd give a small percentage to those in need.

    End Of Story.

  2. They wanted to remain in the EU, they have to take the rough with the smooth. They should understand that although they are not making anything on their milk, the Italian bankers and the business owners are making fortunes from Italy's membership of the EU. If Farmers are unable to make it farming, then adapt and become investment bankers, fly to Davos, and cut some backroom deals.

    The Farmers should be happy the GDP of Italy has risen year on year, and not be so selfish just because they are not sharing in it.

  3. .67 cents sheep milk being wasted because that's the equivalent of 60 Euro cent in US cents due to $1 = 88 eurocents inverse 1€ = $1.1273 xe currency converter official rate

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