Jeremy Corbyn’s positions on the EU, Europe and sovereignty

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn backed the Remain campaign during the 2016 EU referendum but has been highly critical of the European Union in the past.

As Brexit edges closer, these are some of Jeremy Corbyn’s past views on the EU.



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42 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn’s positions on the EU, Europe and sovereignty

  1. lol, this video makes him look like he was the Boris Johnson of his time. except the present day Boris Johnson got his way and he wasn't ready for it, he just expected to scream into the void until he was Jeremy Corbyn's age and then start thinking about the implications of what he has been bitching and moaning about for decades.

  2. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, you must know that the banking elites and corporate cartels absolutely loathe and fear this man. Thats a sure way to know that this is a man who can save Britain

  3. The media are biased. Im sure they wouldnt critisis theresa may like this. Its all about the money. Im sure that if theresa may said 'stupid man' people wouldnt have reacted the same. That incident was just the tories attempt to waste time and distract the british people of what is really going on. Hello media, we are not dumb, we know that the tories are corrupt(half of them voted against theresa but despite that still voted to keep their government in power. Its just because they are obsessed with power). Dont do it for the money, do whats right. And we know what the government is doing so dont try to distract us with videos promoting "ooo jeremy corbyn doesnt like the EU so he must be a brexiteer" when thats not important at the moment.

  4. What a load of old nonsense. People voted to Leave. Would you say you know better than them if they voted Labour? Nope. No politician would. Total hypocrisy all around the house. They are all as bad as each other. This guy is deluded if he thinks anyone trusts him, or any of his buddies in the other supposedly different parties. Corby being a socialist almost as funny as May being a conservative. She gives everything away and he doesn't share the will of the people.

  5. I think its good that Channel 4 have put this together, i hope it goes on telly. becasue there is an awful lot of people who only hear what Corbyn stands for, through a filter. This might be selectively edited, it might well be bias, i dont know. but I dont feel ay the worse of Corbyn for watching it. Thought the first few clips might have made me see it that way when i started watching. His position is clearer than most, and it involves some balanced thinking.

  6. Jeremy Corbyn is passionate about many things and has been for a long time. He never expected to be leading the Labour Party and as we know, nor did even his closest allies. It was Buggins Turn to put up a candidate of the Left. And it shows.

    Jeremy Corbyn is characterised as honest, principled and consistent. Sticking to Brexit, this clip shows how far he has travelled from his opposition to 'the European Project'. He was not alone in that view in 1975, or 1992 and through the evolution from EEC to EC then the EU. A principled position of his leadership in 2015 should have been his opposition to the EU and adoption of a Leave position. But he chose to hide behind what workaday politicians do, which is to pass the buck to 'Conference' and 'the Party's position is…' His heart is not in it and Brexit serves his inclination of 'socialism in one country'. This is in contrast with much of the Left in Europe who have since the early 1990s fought for a 'People's Europe' (and variations of that).

    Sure, Corbyn displays leadership and ability to galvanise his core aided by Momentum (the Labour version of the ERG). But he reaches few others. His narrative is straight out of the playbook of Labour politics from the mid-70s through the 1980s. It is the politics of opposition and not of government. It paints a picture of all that is wrong in black-and-white and portrays the New Jerusalem in bright technicolour. [Metaphorical use only!] The road map appears plausible, even attractive in parts. But it slowly dawns that it fraught with internal contradictions and most worryingly the roadworthiness of the vehicle to get the country there.

    At this rate, the UK (for the decade that it will continue before Scotland and Northern Ireland break away), will see the Tory hegemony, despite the omnishambles of a No Deal Brexit. Post May ( the PM not the month) the ERG types will bully their way to power with increasingly dog-whistle politics and policies (immigration, international aid, welfare cuts, defence expansion, growth based on deregulation in questionable activities). Labour under Corbyn can plead for 'Dig Deep for Socialism' but in a country, by then, cut adrift from normal politics, the only purpose of digging would be for a burial plot.

  7. Jeremy Corbyn has changed but the validity of his original arguments have not. The commission is not democratically accountable. That is not a small matter. As time rolls on, it will be seen for the huge mistake that it is. I feel sorry for those who will have to live within that reality 50 years from now.

  8. Jeremy Corbyn voted for Britain to leave the European Economic Community (EEC) in the 1975 European referendum.
    Jeremy Corbyn opposed the creation of the European Union (EU) under the Maastricht Treaty – speaking and voting against it in Parliament in 1993. During the 2016 referendum campaign, Left Leave highlighted repeated speeches he made in Parliament opposing Europe during 1993.
    Jeremy Corbyn voted against the Lisbon Treaty on more than one occasion in Parliament in 2008.
    In 2010, Jeremy Corbyn voted against the creation of the European Union’s diplomatic service.
    Jeremy Corbyn voted for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU in 2011 (breaking the Labour whip to do so).
    In 2011 Jeremy Corbyn also opposed the creation of the EU’s European Stability Mechanism, which helps members of the Euro in financial difficulties. (This vote is a good example of how Corbyn votes with hardcore Euro-sceptics. Only 26 other MPs joined him in voting against, and in their number are the likes of right-wing Euro-sceptics such as Peter Bone, Douglas Carswell, Bill Cash, Ian Paisley Junior and John Redwood.)
    Jeremy Corbyn opposed Britain’s participation in the EU’s Banking Authority in 2012.
    In 2016 his long-time left-wing ally Tariq Ali said that he was sure that if Corbyn was not Labour leader he would be campaigning for Britain to leave the EU, whilst his brother Piers Corbyn also said that Jeremy Corbyn was privately opposed to Britain’s membership of the European Union.
    Jeremy Corbyn went on holiday during the 2016 referendum campaign and his office staff consistently undermined the Remain campaign. He refused to attend a key Remain campaign launch and also attacked government ministers for publicising the Remain case, saying they should also have promoted arguments in favour of Leave vote. The Director of the Remain campaign, himself a Labour member and candidate, said, “Rather than making a clear and passionate Labour case for EU membership, Corbyn took a week’s holiday in the middle of the campaign and removed pro-EU lines from his speeches”. During the referendum campaign, Leave.EU highlighted Corbyn’s attacks on Europe made in 1996.
    The day after the European referendum in 2016, Jeremy Corbyn called for the immediate invocation of Article 50 – the two-year notice to leave the EU – much quicker than even Theresa May wanted.
    In December 2016, Jeremy Corbyn voted in Parliament in favour of the UK leaving the EU and for the process to start no later than 31 March 2017.
    Jeremy Corbyn three times voted in February 2017 in favour of the Prime Minister starting the process of leaving the European Union.
    During the 2017 general election, the independent Channel 4 Factcheck service found very little difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May over Europe.
    In the summer of 2017, Jeremy Corbyn opposed Britain remaining in the Single Market. He even sacked from his team Labour MPs who voted in favour of membership of the Single Market.
    In 2018, Jeremy Corbyn said he would try to make  Brexit go ahead even if Labour won a general election before it happened.
    In February 2019, Jeremy Corbyn set out how he was ready to back Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

  9. Strange, how the Irish Struggled for independence from the UK empire, In April 1916, Irish republicans launched the Easter Rising against British rule and proclaimed an Irish Republic. … On 21 January 1919 they formed a breakaway government (DĂĄil Éireann) and declared Irish independence, and now they submit to the new EU Empire without an army, but this is coming! It seems the Irish struggle was in vain and the Real “Irish prime minister is a little leprechaun called Donald Tusk “ which resides in Brussels, congratulation On your new Masters! One would be thinking naĂŻvely to concentrate power In an institution called the EU, is like putting all your eggs in one basket, and to think that this will not be abused, history Will tell you otherwise! Be wary of FLIP FLAPPERS!

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