No-deal Brexit ferries: calls for Grayling to resign over cancelled contract

The Transport Secretary has been facing mounting calls for his resignation after he cancelled a £14 million contract with ferry company Seaborne Freight.


It comes as the clock ticks ever closer to Brexit. With only 47 days to go, there have been claims the Prime Minister is running down the clock to make it more likely that MPs will back her withdrawal agreement as so many fear a no-deal departure.


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46 thoughts on “No-deal Brexit ferries: calls for Grayling to resign over cancelled contract

  1. Are conservative politicians above the Law? govt already has excessive political influence in mainstream media, if it also has the protection of a corrupt judiciary then it is Game Over and we can all kiss Democracy goodbye.

  2. As the availability of RoRo and Ropax ships within the charter market is ZERO there was no way that Seaborne or their backers could fulfill any contractual obligations within a reasonable timeline and by that I mean – build their own ships. This being the case the 10% gap in capacity may not be filled unless more frequent sailings are to be requested by the other two suppliers – British Ferries & DFDS.

  3. Individual euthanasia is highly controversial in Europe. The more
    astonishingly fact is, that this is permitted for a whole nation state.
    Very sad I think the whole of the research work which will be destroyed
    in cooperation with British universities.

  4. The minister gives a contract to a company that has no ships which is going to a port that doesn't have the facilities.
    Somebody was getting bribed, if not it's impossible to understand.

  5. No Tory ever pays for anything and the dignified silence being held by the majority remainer public will not last forever. Using Brexit the Tories are robbing the country blind and will disappear with everything left in ruins. I can see riots if Brexit commences and parliament being seized.

  6. The narional "personality" of the UK and the US is not very different. Maybe because one is a failed old empire and the other is a failing, soon to be old empire. One is seeing its end fast approaching and the other is beginning to see its end over the horizon

  7. the day is fastly approaching when brits will shut themselves out of the union … wanting to get in … and people in the union will look on them and say "there's nothing here .. next "…

  8. These people never resign, they just retire when they like, much richer.
    Just look at Tony Blair, filthy rich and dripping in the blood of innocent men, women and children.
    Sociopaths and full on psychopaths running around with no restrictions or restraint.

  9. The most likely scenario I see…..UK Parliament requests Brexit date to be postponed, but EU would accept to postpone it only on condition that there is a people's vote. People's vote is held…… I wouldn't bet on the outcome but second vote leave would practically mean no deal guaranteed.

  10. As an immigrant, I have been saying British uselessness for a while. From the local GP, NHS admins, obnoxious long road works, politicians, brexit. Going forward with brexit with a British government this useless is insanity. A post brexit Britain negotiating trade deals with murikkka, surely that will turn out great for Britain right? Murikkka is increasing its hostility towards China and Russia. Let's see how well trading with China will go when Britain leave the EU.

    Britain is stronger in the EU. Deal with it.

  11. This whole thing is making me feel I'll I don't know whether store extra food to keep my kids safe I don't know if my job is at risk I don't know and I'm sick of not knowing I feel I'm nekmg cheated by the government and my future is being stolen from me in a grown man in constant fear I hate the tory's

  12. Surprise surprise mainstream media basically telling us the world's gonna end because of a no deal fucking bored CUNTS they only do this incase of a second vote they try scare people posh pricks

  13. ''SHE'', Theresa May that is, is but a puppet for the likes of greed merchants Murdoch and Trump. SHE doesn't give a stuff for the will of the people, only the will of her masters

  14. FUKEW (Former United Kingdom of England & Wales) island & it’s Liliputians!
    Not enough ships to ferry it’s own people but still wants to ferry weapons to the Black sea!
    Either will get sold to China or eaten up by the bear

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