The 1950s car turning heads in Syria – BBC News Video News

Neither war nor the Islamic State group has stopped Abu Malek driving his 1952 classic car across Syria.
The 67-year-old DeSoto Powermaster is a bit worse for wear, but still works.

Fifty years ago, the petrol engine was switched for a British tractor engine.

Before the most recent war, when fuel was better quality, Abu Malwk says it could reach 140km per hour.

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36 thoughts on “The 1950s car turning heads in Syria – BBC News Video News

  1. Cute story may God bless you and your car. May Jehovah help the people of Syria may Syria call upon Jehovah to give them wisdom and guidance and his blessing to help them seek his love and rightouseness with his blessing.

  2. All the shit the UK and US did running and supporting ISIS. Real Journalist like Eva Bartlett doing real reporting. This is what BBC talking heads come up with? Waste of skin.

  3. Back when they built real cars made to last. No computer chips. Good find and it has a better crash test rating for sure. You see the trunk ? Looks like a mini apartment. Hurray for the classics.

  4. This is the Kurdish controlled areas Syria. The Kurds worked hard to create peace in the region. But the Jihadi Turkey/Erdogan/ISIS is trying to create war against the peaceful and heroic Kurds who destroyed ISIS.

  5. so its 65 years old, half a century ago its engine was replaced so the original engine failed just 15 years in? So moral of the story is British diesel engines from that era are pretty unkillable.

  6. That's really cool. The cars going back years ago seemed to have a lot more style and really unique design elements to them, like little works of art. I think they are much more interesting to look at than the cars of today.

  7. Not so subtle propaganda with a car story providing a puddle to float it in.
    The BBC must think the people who watch this are very stupid or the BBC are so deranged, they can't see that they are both distrusted and a laughing stock.

  8. "If I take good care of my car I can drive another 50 years" …Β  This looks about the most unloved car on the planet. Carrying out the bare minimum maintenance to keep it running is not the same as taking good care

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