US polar vortex so cold Hell freezes over

In America, the polar vortex has been so cold that the town of Hell, in Michigan, has frozen over. Inigo Gilmore reports from the US on the crippling cold temperatures.Sign up for Snowmail, your daily preview of what is on Channel 4 News, sent straight to your inbox, here:

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42 thoughts on “US polar vortex so cold Hell freezes over

  1. It's a small sample of nature. Technology, science and so called developed country is totally failed.
    It's still time, stop killing innocent people on earth, otherwise mother nature will drop fire from skies.

  2. نصدرولكم الجلالايب كيما راكم تصدرونا سراويل الجين بصح بي لدولار متكلخوناش من الجزائر هههه

  3. It's also winter here in Taiwan. But it's still too freaking hot. I still sweat like a pig during my biking exercises. The coldest it gets here is about 53 degrees above zero. I hate heat. Give us some of your cool air America.

  4. And all these demon people want people to believe that the homeless are out there because they love it, they want to freeze. Well I’ll tell you something, being cold feels like you’re burning until you’re flesh dies and frostbite takes over, then it just feels completely dumb. Don’t listen to these devil worshippers. We as Americans need to stand together homeless, poor, middle class and rich, no matter the skin color, we gotta start taking care of each other because nobody else will.

  5. Every city in America should have emergency shelters with wood burning stoves open year round. The firewood would be paid for by realtors who drove the housing costs up along with donations..

  6. The US government insisted of spending money on war and military power and supporting the terrorist groups should is should think of and take care of the millions of homeless American citizens living on the streets and suffering from hunger.

  7. Iam in Hawaii and the weather is very much ok.. Not cold not hot. We deeply feel for the people in the mainland who are suffering this very bad weather.. But most esp the homeless my heart goes with them.. Cant the govt officials and the church people be compassionate enough to help them.. For those feeling this turbulent weather, please pray more harder. Now is the time to call on Our Good God thru His Son Jesus.. Let us now turn our back from our wrong doings that deeply hurt our Good God.

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