Battle for Raqqa: is Isis being driven out?

It was the capital of their self-styled caliphate for three years. The base from where the Islamic State terrorized the Middle East and planned violent atrocities across Europe. But now ISIS may finally be about to be driven from the Syrian city of Raqqa.

Lindsey Hilsum and her team spent several days alongside The Syrian Democratic Forces forces in Raqqa, where the fighters were still facing stiff resistance from the encircled IS militants. She joins us now from the northern Syrian city of Qamishli.

This film is reported by Lindsey Hilsum, produced by Thom Walker and was filmed by Soren Munk.

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25 thoughts on “Battle for Raqqa: is Isis being driven out?

  1. These Kurds are not native to Syria, the U.S. and the west are aiding in the territorial conquest of Syrian lands. These foreign Kurds are oppressing the native populations and severely punishing those who wave the Syrian flag in protest. The U.S. must pull out entirely and let the rightful Syrian government move back in.

  2. You Americans have funded ISIS and are you now pretending to fight it? Only Russia, Hezbollah, Iran and China are truly fighting ISIS. Shame! You are the No. 1 war criminals in the world. One day, you will pay to a true God the millions of dead you have caused in the world. May those responsible for all these atrocities (see Sen. Mc Cain, Obama, Bush, Hyllary Clinton) burn in hell for eternity. With all my heart!

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  4. Haha! The soldiers say that they will take the area in a month. Let's ask a civilian reporter who has probably never fired a rifle in her life, if she thinks they are right. Ffs. Get a grip. Lol.

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