Can Pakistan defeat the Taliban in its own war on terror?

Extremists in the very heart of Pakistan’s capital are calling for the overthrow of the government and the establishment of a sharia state. Can the government defeat the Pakistan Taliban fighting in its own borders?

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25 thoughts on “Can Pakistan defeat the Taliban in its own war on terror?

  1. Usa is trying to create instability in the region as its plan of terrorism has been failed cause of ISI and Pak Army. Now Usa blams Pakistan of terrorism. it is trying to create instability just like it did in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Now the provincial people of pakistan have turned against each other just like in the case of Balohistan cause of Randia . If they succed in their strategy, they will invade Pakistan on some reason. But they will never. More than 60 per cent of the world population accepts usa as the biggest threat to world peace and terrorist.Who created daish, taliban, and isis. Who is making Saudi Arabia to anger Iran and start sunni/ shia conflict. No one except the leading world terrorists Israel, Randia and Usa. They love to invade Muslim countries. Due to them Afghanistan, Libya , Iraq and Syria have become a 21st century mess. They invade them for just resources. Taliban in afghanistan are just a pawn for usa's activity in Afghanistan.

  2. 8:04 Correct yourself you journalist…most of Pakistan's defence expenditure goes to fat military personnel like Raheel "Jahil" Sharif and it was Pakistan, not the West, who continued to support terrorist Mujahideen even after the Cold War ended

  3. But Pakistani muslims have contributed so much to British society. So lucky to have Anjem Choudhary, 7/7 bombers, paedophile gangs, heroin smugglers etc.

    Every mosque, madrassa in the UK and Pakistan has a Lashkar e taiba collection box for 'jihad' people donate money to help murder infidels abroad.

    Most countries have an Army, in Pakistan the Army has a country. Karachi is a lawless shithole an ongoing war between various drug mafias and political party thugs fought out on the streets. Kidnapping, murder, armed robbery, rape and sodomy being everyday crimes. Private security teams protect the wealthy, while the police are busy making sure the heroin that flows to Europe and the US arrives safely. For a percentage.

    After countless humiliations inflicted upon it by its giant neighbour India, a scared angry bankrupt confused inbred drone target Pakistan has resorted to licking Buddhist Chinese balls and sucking kuffar American cock to pay there bills.

    Outmatched in every way by India, now Pakistan holds a nuclear gun to its own head trying desperately to force the world's nations to listen to its paranoid psychotic babble.

    Pakistan founded and funded the Taliban LET, LEJ, SSP, HUJ etc. along with the hundreds of other jihadi terrorist groups based in Pakistan.

    Osama bin Laden created Al-qaeda in Peshawar he was eventually found hiding in a Pakistani Army garrison town living next door to retired Army Majors with a Military Academy nearby.

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the architect of 9/11 was found in Rawalpindi. The Pakistan Army headquarters are based in Rawalpindi.

  4. pakistan will win it has to win. if pakistan fails whole world will be fucked. say what ever you want to say pakistan is the only hope for western world who created this monster and left pakistan alone to deal with it. we will win this war for the rest of the unthankful hateful world.

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