Inside Aleppo immediately after air strikes – BBC News Video News

The BBC has obtained exclusive material showing the immediate aftermath of Syrian and Russian air strikes in Aleppo.

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26 thoughts on “Inside Aleppo immediately after air strikes – BBC News Video News

  1. First you show beheading images of terrorist thriump. Now, when the beheaders are beign bombed, u show their images beign killed. Don''t you know terrorists are know for using families as human shield? Also in ammo caches and weapons storages? Most retard press ever!

  2. Do not believe the BBC !! They lie and deceive you !! The US and Europe have unleashed this war, now accuse the Russian! Think Libya, Iraq, they were prosperous countries …. Then there came "Western democracy" and destroyed the country !! The same thing in Syria! Russia is the only country that can stop the monsters and the United States of Europe! That is why the BBC was lying !!!

  3. I wonder after so many false propaganda "reporting" this channel someone else believes? But if there really was an airstrike? They would have probably peed myself from happiness. Freaks.

  4. bull crap that is saudi turkey wasabi trade mark. just like they and usa blow up hospitals. but they never get bad press why? the resorses saudi turkey want to TAKE STEAL NO MATTER WHO THEy BOMB or GAS OR faulsly blame…… TJINKING NATO will go after Russia for them. NOT!!!! wasabi sunni mass murderers head hunters human right devils

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