Senior Tories tell May to steer clear of Brexit negotiations with Labour

Theresa May has been warned by senior Conservatives not to negotiate with Labour over Brexit.


That’s raising questions about Mrs May’s willingness to compromise with the opposition, after her letter to Jeremy Corbyn yesterday didn’t rule out discussions on keeping Britain inside a customs union. The International Trade Secretary Liam Fox dismissed Labour’s plans as unworkable, while Boris Johnson warned that such a deal would have a disastrous effect on the Conservative party. Mrs May will update MPs tomorrow.


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35 thoughts on “Senior Tories tell May to steer clear of Brexit negotiations with Labour

  1. U.K. has several reasons to leave :-

    1) sovereignty protected which is priceless

    2) save 100 million a week

    3) nhs – again we spend more than we get

    4) culture protection – I don’t like the Eu global plan. See Kalergi plan and Praktischer Idealismus’, and un/ eu globalist migration pact

    5) keep the pound
    Merkel has said all nations in Eu must give up their currency. Merkel: “Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”
    No, this wasn’t something The reich said many years ago, this is what German Chancellor Angela Merkel told attendants at an event by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin in November 2018

    6) other reasons
    About the sacrifice of my relatives in war to protect Britain and the manner of the current Eu which I disliked. Also it’s origins are distasteful

    7) U.K. voted democratically out of single market, customs union, European court of justice and free movement in 2016.

  2. Brexiters will end up bringing their pants down and accept Theresa May's deal. It lasted 2,5 years to negotiate the withdrawal. How long will it take to negotiate the new relations with the EU? Probably several years given Theresa May's red lines and it will be the main issue on the agenda of the UK. At the end of the day you'll get a few Romanians less on the bus and probably a few more, say Indians. Is it worth it?

  3. Imagine Remain winning the referendum and a majority of Brexiteer MPs steering towards leave. If the tables were turned Remainers would rightly be furious, just as Leavers are rightly furious their vote is being devalued by many!

  4. if people don't get what the majority voted for, there are 3 Brexit parties, 2 which have recently registered with the electoral commission. So Brexit will happen, because the majority want it, politicians are just a tool to get there.

  5. When Sabine Weyland was talking about Cakeism on the Remain side, she was talking about those Remainers who still overestimate the importance of the UK. She wasn't referring to the ones who are aware how bad this will be and fight tooth and nail to give the voters a proper say this time around.

  6. My take: I think the free trade agreement between the EU and the UK, should have been part of the Brexit deal . I believe a great deal of time would have been save incorporating the withdrawal agreement and the trade deal agreement. Furthermore, the chances of such combined arrangement to face rejection would have been minimal, and the uncertainty we currently face eliminated.

  7. Depending on what day it is…. a permanent customs union means we can or cannot have our own independent non EU trade deals. Monday you can… Tuesday you can't. Repeat cycle for rest of the week! None of it is clear. Labour want a customs union but this will stop free trade deals? I have no idea.

  8. All that mumbling about a new British Empire to be… Did half of the Brits lost their minds? There will be no new British Empire. Because, how? Do you wanna conquer the world by war? Do you wanna buy some corrupt leaders of some banana states to bring the banana states under your control? No and no again? So, how the new British Empire shall work? You Brits not even accept the slightest external control of a democratic European instrument, the EU. You call it diabolic and all day and night do some paranoid blah about the germans control everything in the EU and it's a nazis instrument. How the heck you then expect from other nations to be part of a new Britisk Empire and bring themselfes under subjection? A new British Empire is all totally insane, stupid and all nonsense idea.

    This all is the curse of the fact you once won the WW2 still in charge of the status of a superpower nation at this time. Germany e.g. was destroyed and all ideas of the germans to rule the world or at least Europe were destroyed too. Finally this comes out to be a great gift. 95% of the germans now see their future as a part of a greater idea, that is Europe. And in this idea, there is no nation, which should rule, instead all European citizens rule together.

    The Brits who today dream of a new British Empire never realized that the world has changed. They just realized the loss of national power and, more humiliating for the proud British soul, the loss of status and influence. They dream of the good old times. Make the UK great again. Yes, make the Dodo alive again.

    Wellcome to the common influence of a common European nation. There is no special greatness for the UK left. If you try to get more, alone, or anywhere else in the world, you will get less. Less control, less influence, less wealth and less friends.

  9. It's pointless to argue now. It will most likely be hard exit.
    Then if things turn as horrible as expert say – in 10 years time we'll have a party promising a referendum for joining the EU, it's customs union or so on.
    It's honestly best that way. Electorate must experience what they vote for, or they will be complaining forever.

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