Trump supporter shoves BBC cameraman – BBC News Video News

A camera is almost knocked to the ground to the ground while filming at Trump’s “Finish the Wall” rally in El Paso, Texas.

Security staff later removed the crowd member who attacked a BBC cameraman and his equipment.

The incident came after the US president heavily criticised the media at the rally.

Mr Trump checked the cameraman was well with a thumbs up before continuing his speech.

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46 thoughts on “Trump supporter shoves BBC cameraman – BBC News Video News

  1. The press needs to stop covering Trump rallies because of his encouraging and condoning violence
    He puts on a show for the cameras. So stop giving him the opportunity.
    I hope the journalist sues Trump and presses assault charges against the man.

  2. Show that in a court of law, it would get thrown out! All it shows is a guy trying to butt f**k a guy with a red hat on… 😂😂😂. Evidence of nothing just like the news.

  3. Lol.. that's not news BBC. The news was the crowds outside.
    Thousands of people!
    Not one incident.
    They took out 4 hecklers calmly.
    The press as Trump mentioned are a special interest group who are supporting Fascist pigs.
    Also…the crowds were diverse race of color, sex, religion and social class!

  4. Whilst I don't agree with violence towards anyone the BBC needs to own up to the truth that they are part of the problem. You the BBC are bias against Trump just as most of the left wing and bought media is. If you are going to support partisan political issues then you should own it!

  5. Smells fishy probably antifa plant or sjw plan setup with the other disruptors / protesters present at this rally. Put on a mega hat go to a Trump rally and cause trouble with the reporters guess what's going to get talked about the next day.

  6. OMG, triggered again. Little shit head liberal pro-communist pigs. If you don't like America being great. Get the F out. I will personally escort you if need be. So tired of whiney little flakes spewing shit out of your pie hole.

  7. FAKE NEWS BBC: More selective editing for your emotionally manipulated outrage-hungry viewers. Why not show the FULL rally if you were there ? That would show 10,000 well-behaved Trump supporters not just the couple that had a drink to many. I guess your viewers swallow the generalization you feed them. Beto O'Rourke only had 2,000 at his "competing" rally in El Paso but Bloomberg and the Fake Media were claiming 10-15,000. £1,000 to anyone that find footage of those ridiculous Fake News numbers. Rasmussen poll puts Trump at 52% Approval Rating this morning. Liberals now in the Minority. #MAGA – and make the UK great again while we're at it.

  8. This is incredible that what I'm seeing when I looking what I how about that that he's saying the wrong message the wrong message and he is afraid of to keep moving forward to the future because he's afraid of technology that that he would not going to understand and he is so much afraid that it will keep him testify but like others all of American people that like to keep moving forward to the future not keep moving to the backwards like the worst time ever the American have in the past the present and stuck in the future right there in the past and the present are there you would never know and he would never know this that either so let me say this again you could choose your homeboys you know we're not living like a on how you say that October or November because we are on in February and then Vine next month you could change of your life right there because you got plenty of time of day in the year because there's always be hope for a new president by the year of 2020 and that will have the greatest time positive of a making of a second history right there this is going to be the second history right there II and believe me Barney that what you see what you look what you listen and what you terrify and you see so much violence like there that the people have been brainwashed already brainwashed already I don't mind Ledisi look and listen so I mean sorry for him I'm very sorry for him

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