Unprotected: How a US charity failed Liberia’s most vulnerable girls – BBC News Video News

Liberia’s government has launched an investigation into an American charity set up to help vulnerable girls, following a report into how the organisation dealt with allegations a staff member had raped pupils in its care.

The first More Than Me Academy was established in 2013 in the Liberian capital Monrovia by American, Katie Meyler. A former staff member, Macintosh Johnson, was accused of raping girls at the school.

Katie Meyler has temporarily resigned as CEO of the charity pending the outcome of the investigation. Finlay Young reports.

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23 thoughts on “Unprotected: How a US charity failed Liberia’s most vulnerable girls – BBC News Video News

  1. sad. they should have hired teachers locally, given women an opportunity to make make money and provide for their family, why on earth would you bring white non certified instructures on board.

  2. Now go watch the Firestone documentary on Charles Taylor and Liberia… You will see that they are ALL Devils. Quid Pro Quo, they all knew what the trade off would be. All for greed. You donate and you will be financing their evil doings.

  3. This is so mess up they all should be liable for what happened. Katie and board members should be in jail everyone knew that something wrong, to sit there and say you care about these children is a dam lie. Because if you care as much you say you do you would have never let this happen. Aswell as to let that man continue to rape these girls. Katie and rest only care about themselves how much of the donation money is in their pocket. Let not forget Katie had relationship with that evil man. They owe these rape victims so much but yet they sit there and say "I don't think we owe them anything" for what they allow to happen to these children.

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