Do pregnancy prevention apps work? – BBC News Video News

There’s a debate in Sweden over the reliability of pregnancy prevention apps after women spoke out about unwanted pregnancies. The BBC’s Maddy Savage reports.

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44 thoughts on “Do pregnancy prevention apps work? – BBC News Video News

  1. Lessons to be learned is women don't know what is good and bad for them. In the beginning many of them will say I don't want child and try even do abortions and all kind methods to prevent pregnancy, but if they end up getting babies they are like, ooh I love him so much, ooh he / she is my eyes. Look this women she wanted to prevent that baby coming to this world, but she failed and now she love the baby very much. Lol, women are confused creatures

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  4. Any woman with half a brain knows and definitely does not need a telephone or app to tell them they can get pregnant at any time even on your menstrual cycle. Wow Nothing new! Just wasted video time from BBC

  5. I get not wanting to use hormonal birth control but why not use a diaphragm or copper iud or condoms or spermicide.
    Sperm can live for days in your body so it isn't surprising that this app wouldn't be spot on

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