May's 'positive discussion' with banks – BBC News Video News

Prime Minister Theresa May has had “positive discussion” with big banks about how they might be encouraged to stay in the the City of London. They talked about what had attracted them to London and “how we can continue to build on that for the future,” Mrs May told the BBC’s economics editor Kamal Ahmed, in Davos.
Her remarks came as several big banks said they may move jobs out of London.

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25 thoughts on “May's 'positive discussion' with banks – BBC News Video News

  1. When you consider to what degree the EU has adopted the older, 'Catholic' organisation throughout Europe, in the service of secular ideals, it's clear that May was the right choice. Culturally, only this Catholic schoolgirl can wedge herself in now between the globalist banks and the return to medieval conditions on the continent. Very strange times indeed! 😎

  2. # To Save the NHS vote Labour.
    Remember, Trust your Doctors! not fake news and troll accounts.

    The Conservative Brexiteers promised that leaving the EU would guarantee funding for the NHS. But despite the pledge of an extra £350 million a week plastered across Boris Johnson’s bus, the Government has refused to provide the NHS with the funding it desperately needs. Cuts to social care have put even more pressure on A&E departments, leading to what the Red Cross has described as a ‘humanitarian crisis’ in our hospitals.

    Theresa May and her government's priorities are clear: tax giveaways to the wealthiest and big business rather than funding our health service. By 2022, the Conservatives will have handed the wealthiest £70 billion in tax cuts – money that could be invested in our NHS.

    A Labour Government would deliver our NHS the funding it needs. Big business and the banks would pay its fair share of tax, we would clamp down on tax dodgers, and we would ensure that the Brexit negotiations put jobs and living standards in Britain first.


  3. "I've just left Prime Minister's Questions where I urged Theresa May to stop her threat of a bargain basement Brexit – a low pay tax haven on the shores of Europe where we won't be able to afford our NHS, schools and other vital public services."

    "The choice is stark: a country ruled for the global elite or a government that takes them on."

    Jeremy Corbyn
    leader of the Labour Party

  4. 0:35 The banks that are leaving are foreign Banks. Without them our British banks will be stronger. $100s of billions bailout scooped off by those leeches, so much money we could have reduced the retirement age to 60 for everybody and had free university for everybody who wanted a technical degree

  5. Gorhe badi badi bathay kar sakthi hai par Bharath hogi superpower aur koi hame nahi rok saktha It is the undisputed truth.
    Divided by diversity but United by dedication and hardwork .
    Sarai jaha sai accha Hindu Sita hamara.

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