New Zealand suspect emailed PM Ardern minutes before attack

It’s emerged that the suspect in the Christchurch mosque shootings emailed his far-right ‘manifesto’ to New Zealand’s Prime Minister less than ten minutes before the attack.


Jacinda Ardern said, however, that nothing in the message could have helped stop the killings.

She’s promised to change the country’s gun laws in response to the terror attack – as questions continue to be asked as to why the gunman was not known to the authorities.


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23 thoughts on “New Zealand suspect emailed PM Ardern minutes before attack

  1. All forms of terrorism are abhorrent. They are cowardly attacks. This applies to both Islamic terrorists and white ring wing individuals and pacts.

  2. I agree with the condemnation and support, but the problem is next time a Muslim kills white people Christian people nothing is condemned. Why ? Because the teaching of Christ is the polar opposite of the Koran. What does that tell people.

  3. I was talking to a New Zealander few minutes after it happened. I told him it must be a few Australians flying over to commit this crime. Little did I know I was 100% right. this is MOST DEFINITELY set up by the governments of Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Israel and EU. there is no second guessing about it

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